Hey Al,
I have the compressor back on the truck and it runs great, thanks again for all your help.
Here is the pictures i promised to ya.
As you can see,, Im OLD SCHOOL.  The hood is raised in the back like the 60s super-stockers did before they made scoops (works just as good)
Its not a trailer queen by no means but SHE HAULS BUTT!
The engine is a generation ONE block that i installed the original 96 V6 vortec mounts on with some drilling and tapping.  Three electric fans cool the corvette radiator and a Methanol/Water injections helps cool the intake air.
4.11 gears but the 4L60E transmission helps with choirs on the interstate rather well.
Its not pretty but its mine!!!
Alot of the younger kids round here have had a taste orf the "little black truck" and its the talk of the hotdoggers.
Thanks a Million Al,

Kelly Napper
Kelly Napper  -Kentucky