Wynjammer Superchargers TM
James Street  Machine Weekend

SDS Injector Controller and
NOS Added on a stock engine
with 6lb Boost

Owner James Hatfield, Alberta Canada

2002 Chevrolet s-10 Xtreme

2.2L 134CID 4Cyl

5 speed Manual.

RWHP Stock: 84

RWTQ Stock: 105


Wynjammer Supercharger @ 6PSI

Simple Digital Systems Extra Injector Controller

2 Additional 430cc Injectors

Nitorous Express Wet Kit Set at 35HP

Custom Fabricated Header From Al's Fabrication

MSD DIS-2 Digital Ignition

MSD RPM Window switch to activate N2O

Black Magic Electric Fan

180 Thermostat

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8Lb Boost Dyno To Come
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