Origional S/C  Cobra Racing Seats (2)
Made By the The director of the Shelby America
Cobra Project 1991-2001-Manager Tom D'Antionio
These seats will fit up to  5' 9" and up to 180 lbs
Like New Condition- Made for 4 way safety belts 
with side loop Holes- Very Confordable - Never Used
Has Molded lower Seat Mounts- One of a kind.
Flawless workman ship. For Racing
$1000.00 + shipping and Insurance
Will not sell one at a time

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Origional NEW S/C Cobra Parts

Note: I was Orgional Shelby Cobra Parts Manfacture for Mike Mcluskey LTD. then Shelby America from 1990 to 1998  Parts below are just some of the extra parts I have.
All Parts were made from  Shelby American orgional Prints or origional parts

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