GM 2.2 Head Project and manifold adapter. Etc

We are using the early 1997 GM 2.2L head on a 1998-04 GM2.2l engine

We have made an adapter to install the later plastic manifold.
The new style manifold does flow better and there is a large
selection of injectors avaliable. you can use the fuel rail
with the regulator or the dead head for the later engines.

Holes have been drilled and tapped for the adapter and another
hole that the factory did not add.

New Rear plate made to eliminate the EGR valve etc.

Head has been ported to the max which you cannot do on the later heads.
The head is matched to the intake and the header size.
Head modified for push rod clearance.

ARP Reusable Head studs have been installed, with 12 Point nuts  hardened washers
inside head and std nuts and hardened washers on the outside.

Manton custom push rods made for the roller rockers lift.

You will have to use the early valve cover as the newer one has a
different bolt pattern.

1:6 Roller rockers have been added LS1 bee hive springs have been installed
110 lb seat pressure, Push rod guide plates modified for clearance

We have added a higher volume oil pump  for a 1990-93 2.2L Engine
Has taller gears and we added shim for a little more pressure. 

Install the intake adapter and port match. Install new silicon gasket in the
intake manifold to be safe.

 Intake side
   Exhaust side
  Gasket sealed both sides
  Use end mill for more Push rod clearance
   Intalling ARP Studs
  Head Adapter Kit  with  Needed Hardware
                      and  Intake Gasket
Bee Hive Valve Spring Kit (8)
  Roller Tip Rocker Kit
   Cam for GM 2.2L -New or Regrind
 Manton Custom Length Push Rods
ARP Custom Head stud Kit w/Nuts & Washers
  Rear EGR Eliminator Plate
More Info and part pricing to come.