GM 2000 2.2L Dyno Sheet 5-15-10

This Run was done on a 98.43 deg Day at 4% humidity on Arizona 91 octane pump gas . 8-9lb boost
1000 ft Altitude- Vehicle 150K on engine-stock no header or cat back exhaust system.
Tired 30lb injectors and found that the stock one will work fine for this engine.
The Programmer told me that this dyno was stingy and it should have read 140 RWHP.
Stock the S10 gets 87 to 95 RWHP

Thursday may 27th I purchased an 2003 Engine & Trans for the all out project, if it's worth it.
I stripped the engine  to the short block, removed the cam and found the it is the hollow cam
with the pressed on lobes. I have been searching for a performance 2.2L cam with no luck so far.
I am sending the cam out to a Cam grinding shop so he can see if someone makes a blank so
we can have a couple different grinds.

The block has some issues with the cooling ports being larger than the head ports.
NOTE: when changing a head (Do not use the same bolts) as the chevy bolts are to used one time.
I will be using ARP Bolts on this engine. I now have a ARP Stud Kit for the 2.2L  for the 1997 Head
The block will have to be o-ringed to be on the safe side to hold the pressure.

Hopefully we can get some serious horsepower from GM's little Bastard child.

Just Supercharging with the Electric Radiator  fans makes it a fun truck to drive,
But most of you want to have a  monster to kick ass with. Well I am working on it.

Wynjamer will now be offering two Blower cams.
WJ399RG -Your Cam reground  for Supercharging  $
WJ399NB -New cam Ground to For Supercharging  $

Grind specs: Int-210 Exh-210 at .050/ Int-266 Exh -266 at .006 /  Lobe Sep Int .115  Exh .115 
Lobe Lift  Int -277  Exh -277 / Valve lift w/1.5 Rocker Ratio  Int .416  Exh .416 /1.6 Rocker Ratio Int .443 Exh .443




Up-Dated 4-21-12
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GM 2.2L Dual Exhaust
 w/Flowmaster muffler

Pacesetter Header System
Ceramic  Coated Black Velvet
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